bedroom pop pfft why would i want to listen to anything made in your bedroom to subject myself to music that has no bass and is made for laptop speakers don’t wanna wake your parents up at night? become a bedroom pop artist!   Advertisements

#metoo is BACK baby Pitchfork has reached out to representatives for Coachella and Goldenvoice for comment. I mean, we all know that Pitchfork sucks, but I don’t bother to read really any of these garbage ass websites or magazines and Pitchfork is the only one whose existence I’m aware of anymore so Anyway, Teen Vogue (lol) went “undercover”… Continue reading #metoo is BACK baby

Five records: 3 Feb 2017

The Pop Group Y (Radar, 1979) Haha! Definitely not pop music. Avant-garde rock music, with cues taken from the free jazz of Trout Mask Replica Beefheart and legendary dub producer Dennis Bovell. Simultaneously primitive and ahead of its time. These two aforementioned things are tough to fuse together, let alone stray even an inch away from what… Continue reading Five records: 3 Feb 2017